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The 5 Keys of Health Living

At Living Well Chiropractic, we are helping you reach your full potential! Our awesome Chiropractor is Dr. Richard Takanen who graduated in 2009 from Logan College of Chiropractic with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree focuses on the 5 Keys of Healthy Living.

5 essentials of healthy living

Without any of these essentials, you are unable to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life that you are meant to live. Each of these keys work together to keep your cells in optimal shape and your body functioning at its highest levels. If you only focus on one of these keys, such as exercise, you are leaving out other core elements that keep your body healthy.

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Why take your children to a chiropractor?

pediatric chirpractic

Pediatric chiropractic care can assist with many childhood conditions.  In these modern times, children experience more stress than in the past.  The birthing process can stress an infant’s spine and nerve system.  Parents are encouraged to have their newborns checked right away.  As a child grows, learning to hold their heads up, sitting, crawling or walking are all activities that affect spinal alignment. 

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